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Social Media

Social media is a way for you to share information about your business and other mutual interest. Today more people are using social media to communicate about products or services. Social networking sites have revolutionized the method in which businesses market their products or services. Not only do consumers interact with a brand when they view an ad or enter a sweepstakes, but they also talk to each other about products, services, or brands they like. Due to social media like Facebook and Twitter brand related interactions happen instantaneously at almost no cost to you, and with huge numbers of participants. When you choose novicius to build you your business website we will get you started with social media by setting up accounts on the Facebook and twitter for you.

Advantages of social media

  • Marketers no longer generate all important brand communication
  • Consumer generated content costs businesses nothing
  • Consumers make and distribute brand material over the internet

Disadvantages of social media

  • No control over consumer generated content
  • Consumers make and distribute brand material over the internet

Shaping the message
You can try the following tips when attempting to shape your message on social media

  • Invite consumer feedback via social media
  • Invite customers to complete satisfaction surveys, and ask those that give high ratings to post a recommendation on their Facebook page or tweet on Twitter.
  • Always be prepared for negative feedback, and when someone does complain offer an apology, discount, or find a way to make it right.
  • Participate in conversations that consumers start on your social media sites by sharing valuable information such as; tips for using  your products, solutions to product related problem, and general advice on service related topics.
  • video and podcast should be entertaining as well as informative